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Burke Locksmiths Burke VA Map

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Locksmiths with Shop in Springfield - Burke Va

Baldino's Burke Locksmiths are licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, bonded and insured, employed by Baldinos Lock and Key, Inc., and headquartered in Lorton, Va. We have 85 employees. Our Springfield - Burke Locksmiths shop has been serving the citizens of the Burke, Va area for over 40 years with an outstanding reputation and loyal customer base.

As indicated in our map above, there is no locksmith at 6390 Lee Chapel Rd, Burke, VA 22015. The address is being used by a company to mislead the public into thinking there is a locksmith there. Baldino's Lock and Key has investigated this address and determined there is no locksmith shop at that address. There is no citizen living at that address that is employed as a locksmith nor has there ever been a locksmith at that address. No one has returned our mail to dispute our claim that the company advertising as having a location at 6390 Lee Chapel Rd, Burke, VA 22015 is anything but an illegitimate presence on the internet.

Baldinos employs Burke Locksmiths living and working in the Burke area that work out of our Springfield - Burke Locksmiths Storefront Location. We have included this map to better educate our customer base and the citizens of Burke, Va about this problem. Security is a job that requires honesty and integrity. Who are YOU going to trust with the safety and security of your business, home and loved ones?


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